TEDxHerndon 2018: Future Humanity

Remember the racism
which took away our homes
and our livelihood
and which sought
to steal away our humanity.

Remember also our will to live,
to hold fast to that
which marks us as human beings:
our generosity, our love of justice
and our care for each other.


- District Six Museum, Cape Town, South Africa


TEDxHerndon is an independently organized TED event based in Herndon, Virginia. The speakers are innovators, leaders, and social changemakers with great ideas worth spreading. The theme of this year's event is "Future Humanity". Not all of the Talks will relate directly to this theme, but you can expect to hear ideas related to how we think about the future. This is our 4th year hosting TEDxHerndon, and we have gotten better every year. This year, we are doing everything to increase our impact on the world. This is an exciting community event for people in Northern Virginia, but we welcome anyone from anywhere to join us. Our full speaker lineup will be made available in early 2018, and tickets will be available on Eventbrite on this website. We hope you'll join us in 2018!

Master of Ceremonies